Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

good but not so good

it has a good start and its not bad but its not perfect


5/5, 10/10 this track is awesome. Thanks for making it. RESPECT.


I can admit without a doubt that this is a great song. But i do not see how it has a dark feel to it. i feel that it can be much darker, Hence the 9/10 rating i gave it. we will call it a bit of false advertising LMAO im srry. good song man keep up the good work, in the future if u need help making something creapy then think about what a vampire would hear while feeding. ;)

-Help Me Im Smoking!

good song

really dark song, sounded creepy almost, but it was still good, sounded like a Drum & Bass and Techno mix, which always sounds good, 5/5 from me :)


really dark beat is amazing, suits the title i guess
so 10/10
5/5 from me!