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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"


So I take it you got some familiar samples back up and running? I don't really recognize some of these samples from your other songs, but they sound custom made a bit.

I'm at 2:25 and while this is moving along with this very awesome piano, I'm loving the very faded bass. As it keeps moving, it's just getting better and better! Yet I am only halfway through, and I'm starting to think this is just as awesome as OUTNUMBERED (lulz).

A very satisfying song. You think this would of been made if you lost all your samples and shit?

PERVOK responds:

Nope. I would have forgotten all about this track if I lost ALL my samples.

Speaks for itself.

Awesome song, you definitely got your title across. Kept changing and variating, which kept me listening. If i was to criticize 1 thing, i'd say that the bass line being played throughout the whole song was a bit much, but its a good rythm so no need co complain.

Another awesome piece ZENON, keep it up.


PERVOK responds:

I wasn't having fun with the bassline :( If I made it any quieter the bassdrums compressed out the bass a whole bunch, and if I had the bass any louder it would compress the drums out. And at the volume it's at right now, it's still a bit much. I guess I've just gotta be happy with this, I guess. :(
Thanks for the review!