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grotte sous-marine


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Now with its own associated lyrics video:


Hey everyone, Troisnyx writing. This is a collaboration between Phyrnna, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 translation staff member Tech-Chirac, and myself — a collaboration that has been waiting in the wings for a good while.

I played Bullet Heaven 2 back in the day and when I first heard the original track, Underwater Grotto, I thought: hang on, this sounds like it could fit a French pop song! Seeing as I've done this sort of thing before, I might as well do it again!

I started this in January -- round about the same time I teased the artwork (see below). The lyrics are written from the point of view of Natalie and her party, even if it's not evidently so. It may perhaps also double as a cautionary tale of what we do to the sea as a species.

However, I could only deal with it on and off between February and April due to the long marathon run of Lenten composition prompts. After that point I needed a break, and once two weeks had passed, I was finally ready to start blitzing this song. Flex and Sytrus were my two great friends.

In late April I began recording vocals for the chorus sections, whose lyrics Tech-Chirac and I worked on in January. There's plenty of ersatz Autotune and filter and vocal layered fun -- and it really was fun to do. ^_^ We finally got round to doing the verses in early May. On all accounts, where I had an idea for a verse or a line and it sounded unwieldy, Tech-Chirac would often correct it or suggest a much more poetic or natural-sounding phrase.

This is a track featuring Phyrnna's composition, my arrangement, all my vocals, and only some of my wordsmithing -- most of the wordsmithing, I attribute to Tech-Chirac. This feels like a match made in bullet heaven.

As an aside, I received Phy's consultation and my beloved's consultation over the video and potential sections that would need to be redone to make it easier on the eyes. I'll detail more about the video in an associated newspost, link coming soon.



Ô comme la terre en dessous de mes pieds,

terre qui s'immergera bientôt,

la voix de conscience enfin noyée ;

succession rapide de cahots :

Ô comme la belle calamité

qui se retrouve face à la paix

de cet abri loin sous les eaux—


Ô comme la force d'un ouragan,

plus cruelle que le pouvoir de l'océan :

je fais mes premiers pas en dessous des ondes,

moi qui retiens toujours en mes mains la fin du monde.


Je suis l'enfant terrible du Chaos :

tous ceux qui m'ont fait face ne traversent plus les eaux.

L'océan ne sera plus l'abri,

mais un tombeau--

toute trace de vie--


(Ô comme la terre en dessous de mes pieds, en dessous de mes pieds,

la voix de conscience enfin noyée, enfin noyée,

Ô comme la belle calamité, calamité, oh, oh !)


O like the earth beneath my feet,

earth that shall soon collapse in the water;

the voice of conscience finally drowned;

rapid succession of things not having gone well:

O like the beautiful calamity

that finds itself in front of the peace

of this shelter beneath the water--



O like the strength of a hurricane,

even more cruel than the power of the ocean:

I take my first steps beneath the waves,

I who ever still hold in my hands the end of the world.



I am the enfant terrible of Chaos:

everyone before me shall no longer cross the waters,

and soon these shall no longer be shelter,

but a tomb--

every trace of life--


(O like the earth beneath my feet, beneath my feet,

the voice of conscience finally drowned, finally drowned,

O like the beautiful calamity, calamity, oh, oh!)


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I love it, amazing vocals, sparse yet epic cinematic instrumental. Kinda gives me old school synthpop vibes in a lot of ways.

Relax music!

Wow...I've been out of the loop. Good to see you going strong though Troisnynx and grats on the front page. Beautiful lyrics and great soundscape. That ambient kick is an excellent touch too. It's a real buffet for the ears, a la French Cousine. Hoh hoh hoh c'est tres bien.

Big Fan

Troisnyx responds:

Aw thank you for the vote of confidence! 💖

this is awesome!

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May 12, 2021
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  • Auburn Sounds Graillon 2

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