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Reviews for "grotte sous-marine"

Beautiful song! Only thing is I think the reverb was a tad too loud on the vocals and you could have done with some light de-essing as well. The music itself is really nice, I like the flow, and that choir you did is wonderful. The sparseness of a beat makes the sections with it very powerful.

Cool music!

Very sexy and sweet. The lyrics are kinda conceptually heavy for the style of music. Not that the lyrics aren't good. They are very thought provoking. It's just, I think I kinda like it better not knowing what she's saying, so I can imagine happier more light hearted things lol. Melodies are pretty but typically generic. It's pop though, so, it's pretty much a requirement. Gets stuck in your head like INSTANTLY, so, it succeeds in being pop.

Production sounds good.

I REALLY like how sparse the beat track is. I expected it to go into a typical beat-centric style but it stayed nice and open and I think it better serves the warm watery feel of the tune. It's kind of a bold choice for pop but I'm all for it. I REALLY don't like the auto tune and don't take that personally. I am just SO burned out on hearing that wobbly auto tune stuff. An un-auto-tuned vocal track would have taken this from great to epic but I understand.

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you kindly for the feedback 💖

Re: lyrics, I have long been influenced by Mylène Farmer — she writes thought-provoking lyrics over peppy pop songs, so there's a chasm of sorts between the music and the words.

Understood about the Autotune; it was just a fun thing for me to try.