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Newgrounds Wiki: Whistle Status

Whistle Status A user's Whistle level can go up or down depending on how accurately the user flags questionable content. If a user abuses their whistle to flag entries and reviews that do not violate our terms they will lose points and eventually be stuck with a broken whistle.

Users with broken whistles have no effect on anything they attempt to flag. However, users with a broken whistle may still receive negative or positive points so they can either dig themselves a deeper hole or try to regain a normal level and effectively flag entries once again. Users who blow the whistle accurately many times can increase their whistle level to bronze, silver, gold or deity levels. Users with a higher whistle level pull more weight when they use it.

The whistle may be blown on new, "Under Judgment" Portal submissions that fit into one or more of the following categories:

"This movie is stolen" - Use this option if you are certain an entry has been submitted by someone other than the creator. After blowing the whistle you will be asked to indicate from whom or where the entry was stolen; provide links when possible.

"This movie is malicious (e.g. auto-spawns pop-up windows, multiple submission)" - Use this option if an entry has malicious intent such as spawning pop-ups to other sites automatically, trying to run a script or interact with your computer in a malicious way, or was submitted repeatedly after being Blammed with no effort made to improve the entry. After blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate which malicious acts the entry committed.

"This movie is unsuitable (e.g. hardcore adult, porn slideshow, hateful, illegal)" - Use this flag if you feel an entry goes beyond what is appropriate for While we host a lot of extreme content we do not seek content that is racist, hateful, or illegal. Examples include child pornography, bestiality, photos or video of hardcore adult acts, pornographic slideshows, and images of people or animals being killed, tortured, or mutilated. (Note: If someone submits a Flash movie or game that merely uses hardcore material in a humorous way and the submission is at least rated accordingly, it may be acceptable. Again, after blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate what you found to be unsuitable.

If we decide a flagged entry is in violation of our guidelines, we will delete it and those who blew the whistle will receive positive whistle points. If we find it is not a violation of our guidelines we will release it back into the Portal and those users who blew the whistle will receive negative whistle points.

Whistle points may also be earned by flagging reviews as being abusive. Users who are logged in will see the following text below each review: "0/0 people found this review helpful. Vote: + | - | x ". When enough users flag a review with "x" it is marked for our review. If the review violates our review guidelines, it will be deleted and users who flagged the submission will be rewarded with positive whistle points. If we clear the review those who flagged it will receive negative whistle points.