Reviews for "The Age of Pretending - TMD"

Awesome :D

Oh my, this is amazing :D so catchy and bouncy, well sung and the instrumentals are brilliant. Well done, this is one of my new fave songs :3

nice song!

I like very much the guitars!

Your band rocks. I love this song.

This rocks. nice music. you rock. Rock on dude!!


I downloaded. sounds very profesional!

Well thats unexpected..
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One of my songs!! :D


10/10 5/5 and fav'd


I enjoyed it. For some reason your vocal style reminds me a bit of Robert Smith from The Cure, but thats plus in my opinion. I would only suggest that maybe if you could add a darker edge with atmospherics, and maybe have it downbeat... but that would be a whole new song, and it would be playing to my preferences rather than yours =P. Your lyrics are fine, but I think it would be more interesting if they were cryptic ^.^

Not bad at all. 7/10