Reviews for "The Age of Pretending - TMD"


It's a nice track, but indeed it should be on the radio because it really sounds professional in that aspect and well..erh..nothing really special about it further. Just a nice Top 40 track that could be repeated 20 times over within a day. Nicely done, but I keep in mind what joshhunsaker reviewd down below. It affects my rating.


Uber in all aspects. The end.

nicely done

kinda sounds like motion city soundtrack...which isn't a bad thing. nice track


This IS my favorite song, no doubt about it.

And they do make more songs, they just dont post them here, check their myspace page

this is funny...

...it's so good. this belongs on the radio. not newgrounds.

what the crap are you doing making me look so bad?? get out of here and let the amateurs play dangit. at least stop recording things in a studio with professionals and get back in your freakin home studio and back using cakewalk's home studio instead of nuendo, punk.