Reviews for "The Age of Pretending - TMD"


this is great music, but i agree with RGarrett62, you need to make more songs.

Really has changed a part of me.

I'm going to admit that i live a very sheltered musical life which consists of me only ever listening to top flight bands and well known songs, i never really look for the diamond in the ruff. But the other day i found myself browing the audio portal in boredom and to my great joy i found this song. It is a true testimate to the undiscovered and upcoming talent there is out there, it just takes a little bit more work to find. Since discovering this it has certainly made me look further afield and changed my listening habits for the better.
Many thanks fellas,
- Jim

Why havent I heard this song on the radio?!?!?

I was just browsing in the Audio Portal and I didn't expect to find my next favorite song! I don't even like pop! The song is beautifly constructed and is now one of the greater played songs on my I-pod and my friends love it. My only dislike is YOU ONLY HAVE TWO SONGS! 10/5 20/10


Im not a fan of Pop Rock, but i enjoyed ur song, nice job =]


This is beyond awesome, I downloaded this and lession to this time to time.

btw, whats beyond awesome?

If you contine this you will like super star~

Get the girls ^_^