Reviews for "The Age of Pretending - TMD"


get a new singer
and improve your lyrics..........

so good

rly nice song guys i can't stop listening it keep up the good work! and plz add lyric on your myspace page for this song ^^

Anyway good job TMD !!


Interesting to see that you noticed it too samuraizack. I agree it sounds similar there. Not saying you copied or anything. I also think that the intro sounds a lot like a counrty song i like. Cool song.


I'd definatley see you guy sometime, but thurdays and tuesdays are a bit tough for me. I'll spread the word about you guys!

*Downloads all your songs* :P

Sounds good

Sounded too much like lifehouse's "first time" at 0:34, but thats just my opinion. Other than that, good job.