Reviews for "The Age of Pretending - TMD"

Great Sound

You guys have a wicked awsome sound. Musically interesting your song mixes up your various sounds and rhythms well. Not a boring spot in the song. Catchy, uplifting and interesting i give you a well earned 10/10. I hope to hear more from you guys in the future.

Pretty good...

not big fan of Pop rock like this... but it was good, the vocals was great.... but keep up doing ur stuff, dont know what else to say...


This is terrific! Great indie sound!
Have you thought about putting your stuff up on one of those free music communities, like Jamedo or something like that?
I'd love to see your music get to more people, this stuff is great!

its good

i like it it sounds good

This sounds like a professional band like Maroon 5

Great vocals(like everyone else said),that's the part I like most about this song ^_^