Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

i have a question?

it's about your music blam another day,
can you put it on the audio portal pleasse?

im on nethier side clock or lock

sinse im a nutrual i suggest to ,u the clocks to team up with the locks to make a clock ,lock battle or war?
in my opinun it would be the best flash of all time because ur both good animaters

ps im nutral so no rateings other then overall 4 U!


i loved the 1336+1 pepsi clock


Well that was pretty good work Vanilla.

i have a question

how can u make those digital voices
plz get back to me anyone
my aim is "HexOrdo" and my msn is "wcschuyler@ msn. com"

btw/ im using my frends acnt to rite this msg(told me to rite it) retarded uh?)