Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

Blam - Another - Day

I liked how you did it. Very good references and uses of JAMES BOND and NEWGROUNDS in the same sentence. Clocks rule!

Good for a clock flash

Still not very good though. Oh, and thinking blammers should be killed isn't going to buy you any friends.


Quite good for a clock flash, I am still not convinced though, it does take after a clock that submitted the worst flashes EVER.

nice thing

WOW someone in the clock crew has made a decent flash movie! yay!

Didn't really like it

But it's clock related so I will post this

Why is it that all the clock movies are getting more and more depressing and represent the clock crews death, can we not bring back the laughs that I everyone had when Strawberry submitted the .swf's that annoyed everyone :( *sigh* those were the days. Please tell me what's driving everyone to make these kind of movies, Some are quite sad...

I understand that the original CC may not want all the people joining them but we should all unite as a big crew and make amazing flash together.. :O Wouldn't it B good

Please bring back the old laughs...MBC