Reviews for "Blam Another Day"


ClockClock, StrawBerryClock, Clocks Clocks Clocks... Clocks Rocks!(lol) I Posted That I Wanted To Join The Clock Crew At The Website. Wow, I'm Hyper.

Movie Reveiw:
10/5!!! 200% Awsome.


\m/ (^_^) \m/


Once more zee clock crew has touched my heart in the best clock movie I have ever seen along with one of the best parodies =P

VanilllaCokeClock responds:

&&&&&&&&&&&&& thnakssssssss2

this is rare

this is one of those clock movies that actually is okay, but most of them suck, maybe you should make different kinds of movies, so that they get rated higher.

-bloodfang1 (the true king of the portal)

respond to this!

VanilllaCokeClock responds:

Thanks for your review!

My first time with CC and i love them!

The movie was great (Somebody need to learn the excellence can be less than 2 MB !)
The sound was very well syncred and complex. (No that elevator music with no SFX at all in some toons)
The flaws are only conceptual and i found two:

1- The eurocopter tiger got at the end of the tail (under the rotor) a small landing wheel (in fact they land in three wheels, the two under the "wings" and that one at back (The big one added at beggining of the tail is wrong.)
2- The Walther PPK when shoot we can se the silencer recoil with the slide, in the real gun the silencer is attached to the barrel and must stay with the frame instead of recoil with the slide.

I am a helicopter pilot and a gun enthusiast and those two things cannot harm the movie but makes me give only a 9 in Graphics.

VanilllaCokeClock responds: