Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

ALL 8's!!!

Great Graphics, Great sound! Everything was great!!!


nice work but.....

it would have been much better with subtittles but I gave it a 5 cause you killed that ass hole, ki10, I may not know him or seen any of his work (if he's made any) but anyway good job

From nintendofreak482- a local fan of this flash

Quite Good

Ki10 Shouldn't of died yet though.

sweet stuff dude!!!!

I LOVED PART WHERE PEPSI CLOCK WAS GETTING AWAY IN THE BOAT AND IT SAID STOLE AUDIO. sweet job, grpahics could be better but i guess they weren't that good due to the LENGTH, oh well the grpahics did seem to fit in. Nice job make me some more of these.

I Blammed this movie...

Not cuz it sucked or anything, but just becaue I don't really like clocks. It deserve a ten, and it got one on the review, but i blammed it.