Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

lol. Not half bad. Nay, not 1/4 bad!

You cannot kill ki1- *bang blam bang!* ... nevermind.

great movie

i think with out awsome sound effects it would not have got front page

Use Streams instead of events

Use sound Streams instead of sound events they will be more insync


*agent keeps on talking*

*sign (Got lazy lip syncing) goes up*


good idea but

I liked the story and parody stuff but the sound was disapointing (NOT the part where all the voices sound like microsoft sams grandpa, thats awsome.) they were off, i had to keep ajusting the volune since some sounds were very loud while others were very quiet (if I kept it all at the same volume) the retarded non clock kid was loud as hell so i turned it down so I could hear it at a bearable level. then the vanilla coke clock started talking and I couldnt hear him at all.

im a fan of the clock crew, but fix the sounds please.