Reviews for "NG TV inc."

it would be awesome....

if we could all be pixelated and killing pixelated zombies like in zombies ate my neighbours i'd choose NG TV as a base ^^

Havegum responds:

you'd have to take the vending machine inside though, or else you wouldn't get that lovely beer


Do you know that cheap rpg website thing, Habbo Hotel? This looks like its from it...

Havegum responds:

well, only cause it's isometic pixel art, doesn't mean it has to be habbo hotel, does it now ...

what's with the flag?

I love pixel art like this B)
And heia Norge!

Havegum responds:

Well, since I'll probably have this giant poster in my room, It's not like i'm gonna let this chance slip, right?
Alt for Norge!

Reminds me of Earthbound

I like it


Digga det norske flagget :)

Havegum responds: