Reviews for "NG TV inc."

This is good :)

It's probably a stupid question but, what software did you use for this?
And bravo! The pixel-ness of it takes me back.. :P

Havegum responds:

Personally I use GraphicsGale Free Edition (google it)
It's a powerful tool for creating pixel art, and it comes with a handy palette
About adding tables and dishes, well ...
I made it so that I can add people behind the glass, and I'm planning on doing that with some of the other collab participators' pixel people.
Although I agree, adding a radio recording room would be aweso!

poster , right ?

i dunno , but i think . . that would make a good game . some kind of NG pixelcity .
where you could play any of the famous NG iconic characters .

i dunno , just sayin . good art . :D
cant wait to see the full pixelcity , and two posters ?! oh gawd , couldn't get any better . :D

Havegum responds:

You can be the one to do it!
Check out the collab and start pixeling!


I love pixel art. Not exactly a great critic in the art department though, so I'll just say that i think this is really good and leave you at that. :)

Havegum responds:

Join us!
Dig back the old pixeling skills and get the poster!

keep on

Keep on making something like this.
Its really cool man.

Havegum responds:

thanks, I will


looks like something from the hobbo hotel if anyone know what that is

Havegum responds:

well, only cause it's isometic pixel art, doesn't mean it has to be habbo hotel, does it now ...