Reviews for "NG TV inc."


Nice, really cool, like this style a lot!
B.T.W. there's an Israeli MAGEN DAVID in the tower.
Keep up with the good work!

Havegum responds:

me no see magen david
it no be magen david!

If only.

Crap, we need one.

Havegum responds:

yes, yes we do.

In fact, we need two of 'em

Broadcasting High-Quality Newgrounds Flash...

All flash, all the time. NGTV.

Havegum responds:

Also live streaming event cams from time to time!


You're talented, and I really love this image. Especially because of the Norwegian flag :)

Havegum responds:

My spoon is too big

NGTV, Hell yeah.

"Live, from NGTV Studio 4, this is Newgrounds News and here is your news anchor, Tom Fulp."

Man, I could imagine what it would be if NG had its own channel. I love this.

Havegum responds: