Reviews for "NG TV inc."

Wait a sec.

Why is Denmark's flag ontop of the NG building?

Strange, but then again, NG can be a strange place, so it's excellent!

I don't care much about color, it's more about presentation to me, and that's what gets you a 9/10 from me!

Havegum responds:

Norwegian flag ;)

Thanks for the review!


reminds me of coke red way back when i played in 2006...
good times...

thanks for bringing back old nostalgia dude.


Havegum responds:

nostalgia from 2006? what?

oh well, no problem I guess!

Great stuff

I don't think it needs more colors, and I personally would keep it as is, or you would risk having too much going on. I think it's a very fine job and the saturation is wonderful and what I would expect in a isometric pixel drawing.

My only suggestion would be to redo the satellite as it looks kinda strange and its coloring style doesn't match the rest of the drawing.

Great work.

Havegum responds:

hmm yes, I remembered when I made it. I just couldnt seem to find a way to make it look natural and fit in. This was as close as I got, but still, I agree with you ... I should have spent a bit more time to make it perfect instead of letting it stick out like that ...

oh well ..

Thanks for the review!

well, it was cool.

nice picture, but it needs backround. seriously. oh! and it also needs more colors.

Havegum responds:

oh, I forgot to mention - this was an entry for a collab - we're supposed to create standalone buildings and characters(no backgrounds)
This was my building entry

More color, like in more saturated? or just a larger palette?