Reviews for "NG TV inc."



Havegum responds:



I'm in to pixel art myself, so I think it's good to see some nice pixel art. I really like the shading. Lol, there are beer cans by the sattelite dish, which isn't really the smartest place to get drunk, but anyway, I like it.

Havegum responds:

whaddya *hic* talkin' about ? *hic*

teh begh ... begh ... *hic* best place to get d-drunk is obviobviobvsly *hic* by the stlalullite dish *hic*

i like it

and i would like to have it for sim city!

Havegum responds:

I don't think it is proportionally correct


dude the first thing i thought wen i saw the dish was 'nice work.'
i reckon it works pretty well.
anyhoo nice pice man

Havegum responds:

Hey, thanks!

I spent some real work on coloring it. especially since I wanted to stick to my original palette! I'm glad you liked it!


hey, what do people use to make this kind of pixel art?

you know what would be really cool, is if you added tables, chairs, people, and the radio recording room

Havegum responds:

Personally I use GraphicsGale Free Edition (google it)
It's a powerful tool for creating pixel art, and it comes with a handy palette

About adding tables and dishes, well ...
I made it so that I can add people behind the glass, and I'm planning on doing that with some of the other collab participators' pixel people.

Although I agree, adding a radio recording room would be aweso!