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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


^-^ Great song! you should still do a third! actually... just more music like this in general.
I love both versions :D %u8C22%u8C22%uFF01

I like that this one is softer too, it adds some variation.

Too Light, doesnt lift off.

I like music that pumps fast and hard, it helps me keep focused when I need hair trigger reflexes in my work. so make it more bass and a little less of the soft stuff

make a third one!

both of them are great!!


I don't like the Intro in this one, and itst too soft. WAY too soft.

I'm sorry, but i feel like this one was screwed up.

wow dude....

Finally a song i can write a damn review too, i've listened to about 30 songs and this is the only one i felt needed a review. This is a very good song, i always loved the old antique chinese music and you turned this into a dance song. Very awesome and you should make another one just like this!! It's amazing! 5/5 10/10
Need more ching ching