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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


I don't think your music could get any better! Although, seeing as you HAVE managed to get better I would probably end up wrong.


Lol it wouldn't let me put 11 :(.


F-777 responds:

Thanks for the review.

Love it.

A great fusion of oriental and dance music. It has a brilliant drive to it. I love the atmosphere in the background, and the build up of the snare, I can't seem to get that right in my music just yet, but you had everything down perfectly.
Top stuff.


F-777 responds:

Thanks man =D. Let me know when you have more songs out.


omgomgomgomgomgomg! dude tis aawesome!!i like listen to this for 2 hrs while i dance to it!*boogies*
it gets a 5/5 AND a 10/10 WOOT!...sry if im hyper,its the candy talking XD

F-777 responds:

Lol. Im really glad that you like it.

I appriciate the review =D.

Of course you should

The first one definitely has more energy. This has more of trance in it. I like power in the 1st. Make the 3rd with the power of the 1st and the length of the 2nd.


great effect with the pan flute!!! its great!