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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


This is a good revision on the original, but the original had a sharper tone to it, making it slightly more catchy than this one. If the first one was longer, I'd say that it would beat this one out of the water. But this is still a good song in its own aspect.

Oh, hell yes.

You know what my one complaint was about the original Chinese Dance Machine? It was too short.

Not only did you lengthen the song, but you added layers and sound effects and just made the whole song sound deeper and prettier. Outstanding work.

Yes you should!

I agree what MajorMay had to say.Every word!

Of course you should

The first one definitely has more energy. This has more of trance in it. I like power in the 1st. Make the 3rd with the power of the 1st and the length of the 2nd.

Should i make a third one?

HELL YEAH! i love Chinese Dance Machine i even feel like remixing it myself xD