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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


Now i can see a beautiful chinese woman dancing to this song with swords and doing all that traditional stuff you see in movies ^_~. its a beautiful song and would be great in any movie.


not bad

its cool not as good as the first its lost its high beats but you still got alot

I'm waiting

Great, techno, yet still holds that Asian flavor! Can't wait for the third one!

Some tips before dashing off to 3

You're getting closer to a final product, but I have to agree with others: the first one had a far more sharper edge to it, which suited the number perfectly. With this remix, you dropped from trance to softdance, something I'm pretty disapointed about. I'd say make the third, but return to the roots of the firt one and throw some ParagonX9 style through the song while you're at it :)

Start Chinese Dance machine 3 Now!

as for the new dance it shall have to be interesting with a different I don't know to it so once you done that and made others different and uquipe tehn fuse them all together and remixed them all together to create an ulimate song of the Chinese Dance Machine so if you decide to create a CD of Chinese Dance Machine Relovution(name of the CD Album!)

So once you started to create more listen to other Artist of music and try to form your own version and style of the music they have to remix to this

So keep up the dcsion of remake of Chinese Dance Machine 3