Reviews for "Girs Doom Song"


good animation, but the song sucks. Invader Zim sucks too.

Kinda of funny but ......

The dog suit is misssing its NOSE!!!!

Doom Song

Gir is cool. I always thought the doom song from the first episode of Invader Zim was cool. Of Invader Zim is still cool. As for CrystalPalace6 that "annoying dog bouncing round the screen is Gir. He is just wearing the dog suit so humans don't know he is Zim's robot. The Doom Song rules so doe this flash,

not good

That got a two second laugh and after that done my head in. Good drawings but bloody hell make a proper movie not an annoying dog bouncing round the screen.


wow.. um.... the doom song... HAHA. that was sorta funny man. Just increase the words repeated by 10 and u might have something.