Reviews for "Girs Doom Song"

Zim: Now take me to the equipment room Gir. Equipment room! Now Gir!
Gir: Do a little dance!
Zim: No Gir! No dance! Just obey meeee.
Gir: Daaaance!
Zim: No!
Gir: Do do de da do de do
Zim: -_- *starts dancing* Do do de do do de do. do do do do de de do de do. do do do do de do, de do. do do de de... >_< DO DE DO! DO DE DO! DO DE DO!
Gir: OKAY NOW WE GO UP! *takes Zim up the elevator*
lol that is my favorite part of the episode


is too epic...and Zim knows it! XD

wasnt the best but...

I LOVE GIR I JUST FUCKIN LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIR FO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- white gurl waz hea!

i am just l o l l k e l o l

i love gir

great but....

where is his nose????