Reviews for "Girs Doom Song"

you got the point

this is really annoying but i like girl so i give 10/10 and a 5/5 stop making them? or somthing like that w/e

That doom song never gets old

I'm gonna sing the doom song now!! "DOOM DOOM DOOM etc."

I love it.

Keep 'em coming



yay Gir! even though the animation was kinda bad, the fact that it's Gir makes up for all of that. GIR FRICKIN RULZ!!

Do a little daaance!

This was great for a reason. Because it was of GIR! Yeah the doom song part was kinda lame but when it was over and you heard all those other things it started getting funny. You should keep doing stuff like this of Invader Zim, except with more "movement", if you know what I mean. Because all Gir does is spin around the screen and dance and stuff. So anyway, great flash!


I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doom doom doom doo doom doom....DOOM DOOM DOOM!!! DOOMY DOOM, doom doom DOOOM!