Reviews for "Girs Doom Song"

I just wanted to have the most recent post.

yeah your flash was allright, I love the doom song, but the animation of it wasn't be best. Basically I just wanted to have the most recent review. YAY!

Totally awesome

ok this movie was great but the graphics were lacking, but thats it..

and to the other idiot, i have seen every episode of invader zim And GIR does rule because he Is just plain funny,and 2 Dib sucks he's just a loser who can't get proff of aliens....you really don't understand why everyone loves gir so you must be the one whos doesn't watch the show.plus that song rules (i like the version with the evangelion clip) well learn to not be an Ass Akkito


Why do all of you idiots love GIR? All you people are are over obsessed GIR fan people. Have you even watched Invader Zim? Or are you one of those people who just hear about GIR from your other over obsessed friends?? *sighs* I wish people would make better invader zim flash movies. Dib is cool. There isn't a singal video here with Dib in it. And NEARLY EVERYONE WHO DOES AN INVADER ZIM FLASH USES THAT ANNOYING SONG!! ARG!!
Ok.... I think I'm better now. Please put more effort into your videos. Have a nice day ^_^


okay to the guy who just posted, have you ever seen INVADER ZIM!!!!!!!!???????? Anyways, that was horrible, come on..... you can't ruin Invader Zim like that... I am sad.

I have a headache now

Ok the gir-creature-thing was well designed but otherwise the graphics were unimpressive. The "doom song"? If you put as much thought into the song as you did into the gir thingy you might have been on to something. The sound quality wasnt too bad.
Excuse me, but i need to take some painkillers now.

Wolf-man responds:

I didnt make the song, it was from the first episode of Invader Zim.