Reviews for "Girs Doom Song"


Needs to be more original. I could have seen the same thing by just watching that episode, except grr was in a spaceship. I don't think grr is as complex as you try to make him out in the beginning and yes he is damn funny. The flash was not all that my man. Be more original.


i guess we can see who the mature one here is ::cough:: jajajaja ::cough::...but i guess when ur 12 and ur waiting for ur balls to drop u might as well copy and paste the same thing over and over again


Well that was certainly a good character in a bad scene. You should have made a more in-depth animation and maybe an actual story.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Good ole GIR

I love that show too but you shoulda made him do other things like... "I saw a squirell and he was goin like this" then he acts like a squirell anyways good flash!


I dont know about being godamn funny, but the art was cool.