Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

looks like a rip-take......but its funny anyhow

good music choice, 2 4 violence cause of spiked blitzball, sin in blitz winnin 99-0 was kool, and cloths pretty accurate 2

too slow...

it was pretty good idea but at times it seemed the animation was just too slow. this had nothing to do with the quality of my computer it was just the animations themselves ran too slow. otherwise it was pretty funny (my kind of humor) and you guys are my favorite artists ;) but i was kinda disapointed.

Dont watch this movie. It is awful.

This was simply tarrible. I like FFX and all, but man was this affwl. First the animation is bland and uninspired. The comedy is horrible. Really this makes George Lopez seem hilarious. All the humor is delt in a oneliner fashion and are more stupid then anything. The humor is also so far spread out. The music is fromthe opening to FFX and although it fits you can berly understand it.
This is a discrase to FFX and is about as bad as my spelling. It would be a better tribute NOT to watch this. There are just so many better movies on NG. In fact this is the worse flash movie I'v ever seen


i fink this is great cause im a big fan of the ff series


brill job! YAY