Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

This is great!

Final Fantasy 10 is a great game and I'm glad someone made a parody of it. Great style and ideas that had me laughing for hours! Good minigames for someone who makes mainly movies not games.
I hope that you enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed watching it!

Keep up the good work!


great job!!!!!! great flash

Actually, Otherworld was done by Rammstein

That rocked, i'm impressed.

It rawkd!!!

It rocks!!!! And the other guy was right about the music. Otherworld is performed by The Black Mages. They performed lots of final fantasy based rock. But it was awesome still! though you guys should please change the music name from Nobuo Uematsu to The Black Mages. Thanx.


Nice Job, but their necks were huge. And I don't think this Song (Otherworld) was done by Nobou, so you should fix that.