Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


I can remember all those parts of the game.

Pretty good

That was actually pretty good. I like the music and the graphics were great. The minigames were weird but they kept me entertained. Keep up the good work!

Wow! That rocks!

You guys definitely gave a full treatment for this tribute. I was surprise of what you did to Auron in the beginning part of the scene. that was funny. LOL! Honestly, i haven't played the game yet, but i bet the game really kicks ass. awesome work on this.

Nice Job...

Love the game, and loved some of the little jokes you threw in... good job guys, keep it up...

Absolutely stunning!

I loved everything about it. Final Fantasy X is my favorite game and you made a great flash of it. My favorite things were

1. The chocobo training (It remindes me of how i did at chocobo training)

2. The moralbo with the methos.

3. Auron putting on his fake hair.

4. Kimari drinking out of a dog bowl.

5. Sin playing blitzball (I think i pissed myself laughing)

So if you are reading this review please watch this flash it has excelent graphics and sound :)