Reviews for "Seafoam Sanctuary"


I'm not usually looking at art here on NG but man, this shit is delicious!

AlvinHew responds:

Haha, thanks. I wonder what it tastes like exactly...

very crisp

excellent line quality, color spacing and choice. Vibrant pallet. Believable depth. very interesting. I would love to see more.

AlvinHew responds:

And more you shall have!

The only reason why I'm not submitting more frequently is because I have a myriad of other responsibilities to balance. =(

i like the color.

perfect as always!

AlvinHew responds:


Change is not a bad thing...

as this drawing clearly shows. This is a nice change in pace from your regular work. Looking forward to the rest.

AlvinHew responds:

I'm bringing back the light!

looks sweat!

ah nice turn from the bloody anne. love the more simple style that is still as great as any of your other artworks

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you! I'm hoping to develop my style further with this next project.