Reviews for "Seafoam Sanctuary"

If there was 100 i will vote 100

If there was 100 i will vote 100 but there is only 5 :( . You are the awesomeest awesomeest awesomeest awesomeest awesomeest awesomeest artist ever.You are on the first place in my favourite art creators.All your arts is the best.Can you please tell wich is the program you use to make this arts.Is that Photoshop?Please tell me!!!

AlvinHew responds:

Yeah I use Photoshop. Thanks for the wonderful review!


a nice shack some (big) pet fishies and thats the only thing i need ther...
i could look at it for hours...
i think this is going on my as a screensaver

AlvinHew responds:

Haha, sweet! Thanks for the review.


thw name reminds me of a sonic level.

AlvinHew responds:


I love this

You are amazing, its so colourful and detailed. You have done the water fantastically

AlvinHew responds:

Glad you like it!


This is just awesome. The detailwork of the background is fantastic, and I would give anything to find a beach like this one

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you very much!