Reviews for "Seafoam Sanctuary"

This is really great, it seems like a perfect paradise. I really do like the scene, good work. ^_^

I love it

I love how you use such vivid colors. just looking at this makes my pupils enlarge in total awe. This is beautiful. I love your rocks and water. I just love everything about this picture. Ah, i just noticed that the flowers are huge compared to the palm trees in the background, but I thing it wouldn't look as good if it were in proportion, so I'm glad you did that. I don't have anything bad to say.


i could almost smell the crisp air. the dimension is spot on. this is spectacular.


that must be the worlds best vacation spot. i ike the depth of perception and detail. on a scale of 1-10, i say 20.


I can't help but loving your works so much. Eye catching...just another great artwork you got there!

You're truly awesome!