Reviews for "Seafoam Sanctuary"


it is very beautiful. I can't help but feel like i have seen this somewhere before though.....


you have an hand-control that makes me afraid o.o


now my house seems like shit.

AlvinHew responds:

Haha, same here.

Holy crap.

Awesome, this picture is frigging inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that i want to add this part to my game. :S

This scene would fit extremely well to the right of the city in the middle of my "world map"


Well done dude. Also, if you take requests, damn. That would be awesome.

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks! That is a really cool world map you have there.

As for requests, I'm not taking any at the moment due to work load.

Thanks for the review.

Honestly, i can't stop stareing at this...

What would i give to be in a place like that XD Was this image based in someplace specific, or anything that gave you the idea? It looks interesting, like almost something out of this world :P

AlvinHew responds:

This image wasn't based on any place in particular. It's a painting I did for my personal project.