Reviews for "Seafoam Sanctuary"

bueatiful picture!!!

like every picture u draw, they are amazing, and i too, wish i was in the picture, i'd like to live on amazing lands like this, but instead we can only paint pictures cuz humanity decided on tearing them down, making and industrious place. ;( oh how i wish i was there free from civilization :)

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks man!

It is true that humans have destroyed a lot of Earth's natural landscapes in the past, but we are learning from our mistakes. My hope is that humans will learn to coexist peacefully with the rest of nature.

Anyways, that's for the review.


I love the detail and all the colors. It makes me wish I could actually be there in the picture! :)

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you! One of my goals with this was to create a scene that people would like to be a part of, so it's good to hear you say that.


Love the colors! The composition is pretty strong too. My only suggestion would be to have some larger(and possibly darker) foreground elements to give the piece a little more depth to help draw the eye in. Overall great work:D

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks for the tips.

Only if...

Only if Annika was in the picture too... it would be an 11/10

AlvinHew responds:

Ah, if only!

shit man~

As in Shit man, Thats really fucking awsome!

You must put up a video how you draw like that!

Got ani tips how to draw? AT ALL! XF


AlvinHew responds:

Thank you! I may record one such video someday. Until then, please don't destroy me!