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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"


just work on the fluidity of the movements, and you'll have a kickass animation. also, the voices do need to be worked on. but really good!

Played out ideas.

Forgive me for saying this, but there isn't anything new here, the voice acting doesn't have a lot of style, and (albeit the caveat in the descrip) the animation is severely lacking. It's a very well made flash, but it needs more style.


The combat lost the speed of the trailercombat, the combat should have more action and speed. However I do like it.


It was drawn really really good but it was just boring i had to force myself to watch it all


Hey great job the only thing I can bitch about is the animation and sound. I am no great flash producer so don't take offense please, but I suggest working on the flow of the whole thing, speeding things up and better moition. Sound needs to be louder, but otherwise this is a great film and I'm looking forward to future productions!