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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"

Indeed colossally a great piece of work even though sounds and other voices were limited. I did like the style of the illustration with the animation. A vivid story that has a good idea and plot device. Indeed very nicely done. Just wish there was more sound and voices to it and i would been happiest.

I thought this one was okay - gave a little more insight to Vivian. Thought to fighting scenes were a little questionable, particularly concerning the girl shot in the head while slowly walking all the way out of the window.

Not that bad....But I wanna know the Rammstein song they used.

the good old days...

in the days of us all into pop or disturbed. now we're all adult and getting our shit together but we stop and watch the videos that we did back then. remembering how naive we where and how easy life really was. i loved these when i was a teen and i love um now. they're short but you gotta give ina credit.


This was so stupid, it's offensive. The intro with the vampire hunter's monologue was terrible. She talked to fast and sounded dull. Her character in general is dull. She is such an unoriginal character, that it made my crotch leak. Also, am I supposed to believe that the couple did not see all of those dead bodies, right next to them? The scene with the SWAT team was unbelievably bad. When that chick got shot in the forehead she should have been dead! But no, instead she's still standing even while she gets a BARRAGE OF BULLETS THROUGH HER BODY. Not only is she still standing but she apparently has enough speed and power from slowly walking backwards to break through the window glass. Also, the soundtrack was awful. I say, start over and don't be so cliche. Don't insult the audience.