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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"

Take a hint from Madness Redeemer

It's not the graphics that matter-they just have to be clean-it's the animation! Drawing a picture in flash, chopping it up, and tweening the parts just doesn't cut it. In technical terms, Madness Redeemer was the polar opposite of Ina- instead of painstakingly drawn graphics running at 4 fps during the fights, he had little sack-men running at 30 fps, and man, do they move!

Of course, you can go for BOTH animation and graphics, ala Genryu's Blade, Ninjai, or Kong, but I guess your skills just doesn't go that far.

And before you accuse me of hypocrisy, of putting down others when I can't flash myself, check out the entry "Yukino" under my name.


se oli hyvä. tosi hyvä

Creativity is all that matters.

Although I have yet to read all those episode intro stories I would like to commend you for your efforts. Criticism comes no matter how good you are. Some people fail to realize that destruction, no matter how fun, will never surpass the feeling one gets when they create something all there own. That said however with regard to the whole Alucard thing. Thus far I only see his name as a voice actor and or director. I assume it's one of your staff's nicknames or a later character.

With regard to half breeds, though it is the most overdone thing in vampires you pull it off better than most. Playing vampire the Masquerade showed me you can pull off full vampire hero and still have a great character. It's only natural people will be upset with the mere mention of Alucard. The question is ,if Alucard is indeed a character, will you pull it off with the same sort of success Castlevania SOTN pulled it off, or is it just another mention of a great character from past collections who just isn't given justice. Just like how multiple games rip off Odin, Bahamut, Arch Angel Micheal etc. People just come to expect something more when you mention great legends of the past.

The voice acting is just about as good as it gets for English. It's not gold but it could be much worse. By the way whats up with the couple walking around ala thriller when there are tons of corpses everywhere?

10/10 Can't wait for the next 4 episodes.


Always a pleasure seeing you guys work. This episode is just as good as the first one, and I hope to see nothing but improvements for the third

It's a High Nine

I voted 5, when I usually vote 4 for reviews with a score of 9. You got lucky.

Anyway, the storyline was great, except I'm still not sure who that vampire hunter/swat team murderer is.

Anyway, your explanation of how people become Vampires, the INA virus, was brilliant, and the connection to hackers, although somewhat flimsy, was well executed.

The sounds could be a bit better, the action could be a bit faster (you draw your inspiration from Manga, obviously, so watch some Manga and take not of how fast everything goes compared to this) and the voice of that bloody Alpha team leader could be a lot better. He sounded like a complete retard. When I say retard, I mean the voice was badly done.

Recently, my brother told me a secret, a very valuable secret which will stay with me forever.

It's something like this:

If your work is going out into the public, it can always be better. If it's good enough for you, it's not good enough for the public.

In other words, the fine touches are VERY important. Master that, and you'll have yourself a winner.