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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"

very good animation... but thats about it

Wow this has the most kickass flash animation ever although it is a trade off for action... the audio and voice acting was freaking horrible... get new voice actors (especially that damn swat leader) and get a new script writer... What the hell was that bit with the vampire shooting her... You might have well put this in the script... "*Vampire Thinks* hmmm if I tell her that I'm about to shoot her cracking some lame ass comment, she can just roll along that fence and kill me... GOOD PLAN!"

Great animation

Great animation can't wait to see the next one

The animation was great...

The plot was ass. The voice acting was ass. Well, generally, the whole thing was ass, but you guys are really talented.

Fire the voice-acting crew and get a new writer. XD

................good intentions

I see that the story and animation has a good thought to it, but the acting and music isn't to my taste. Some parts of the animation was good, but not for a flash style movie though.


A best example how to NOT make flash movies.
You can see good intentions, but that's not good enough... Whereas the graphics could rescue the movie in some cases, the sound and animation is just devastating!.. in a bad way:( Made me sleep and shiver in horror at the same time.
As thinking of graphics as ugly may be a matter of personal taste, the sound and ANIMATION is undoubtfully bad