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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

great tho I had a bug with discharging patients

kikill responds:

We appreciate the comment and rating, BeatriceRobidoux. Please describe to us the details of the issue. Sent you a PM.

Cool game

kikill responds:


I like the mechanic where some of the people say "no" to isolation because it really accurately mirrors how frustrating and harmful it can be when people don't cooperate to help stop the spread. One tiny suggestion would be that you could maybe map the speed up and down buttons to the arrow keys or something so that it's easier to switch and avoid losing unnecessary money (especially for people using the trackpad). Nice job tho guys!

kikill responds:

Thanks @Solid-Sioux, reviews like yours make the hard work worth it. I'll include some keyboard controls in the next update. Cheers!

Hotkeys plz?
Smth like:
1 - activate hospitalization mode
2 - activate testing mode
3 - activate quarantine mode
Q - buy tests
W - toggle lockdown
A - speed down
S - speed up
or maybe just numbers to be friendlier to people with AZERTY keyboards.

kikill responds:

Working on it!

this is a good game with a good idea in mind, the mechanics could use some polishing but besides that, this is a game that will truly make you learn about saving and thinking almost like a doctor. nice job

kikill responds:

Thank you very much @TheCrazedFeline.