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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

I liked how topical the game was. I just didn't think it was that good. It was mostly just the same thing on the same screen. I couldn't get into it that much. I'm glad I could get past some zones. I didn't know how some people died.

There was just a tombstone that appeared out of nowhere. I'm not interested enough to care. We do need games like this. I hope there's a coronavirus jam. It seems inevitable at this point.

kikill responds:

Happy to see you play our game again, Ericho, after our five-year hiatus from NG!

Yes, I inserted four middle levels in response to players' feedback on how steep the initial difficulty curve was. That's smoothed out now but you have articulated a side effect which did worry me earlier. Will weigh in your comment in the next update.

Indeed this game came out of a corona virus jam -- it's called Jamdemic 2020.

Let's talk in PM.

It's fine. Not the best but definitely worth a try. Wear your mask and stay safe everyone!

kikill responds:

Thanks for the candid feedback, charguitar.

Why do I get a million point for every deceased?!

kikill responds:

Hello planktonfun,

In this game, lower is better. To save lives translates to minimizing your score.

The five stages of grief don't exist.
About the game, I didn't find it particularly enjoyable but this was a worthwhile gamification experiment.

kikill responds:

Thank you for your feedback, Unknow0059.

good, but basically quarantino with more lag and deproved graphics. it doesn't really do anything to make itself special.

kikill responds:

Thanks for your candid feedback. Thank you too for pointing Quarantino (www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/753674) to us. In the Time of Pandemia (ITOP) however has been playable at Itch.io with all its core features since April 17, ten days before Quarantino was published here. I would say, Quarantino is a simplification of ITOP's rule set which in turn was inspired by a game design sketch by Raph Koster linked to above. We share the concepts of viral transmission and disease progression but that's about it. In terms of player actions, Quarantino only implements one which partitions a field in two--something similar to isolating a line of townsfolk in ITOP except the former is harder to correspond with pandemic management in the real world. Perhaps more important, we took some pains in anchoring our COVID-19 model in published sources and consulted with an epidemiologist to check it's plausibility. It won't replace professional epidemiological models but the basic math is there. As a puzzle, Quarantino attains a certain elegance in combining viral transmission with the partitioning mechanic. That's its innovation. The mechanic of dividing a field to optimize a certain condition though has been around here at least from 2009 onwards in Fat Slice (www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/499007). Following your reasoning, Quarantino then is basically Fat Slice with the balls infecting each other. As for the lag, it's been reported in older machines which I'll now look into because you confirmed it. But I'm quite happy with how our artists did their work.