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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

From my current observations; you should ease the pars in some areas, because if it happens that you get just 1 hospitalized patient you already lost because of the costs. I know that you wanted to make the game realistic - in which you succeeded, but as a side effect you succeeded in doing something else that is also realistic: make the player behave like many of our #$&# governments, because if you want to end a level within par it becomes more and more tempting to not to test enough people or not to hospitalize them just to spend less money.

Oh, I would be grateful for an option to arrest people that are refusing to be quarantined.

The anti-maskers make it so much harder

kikill responds:

They do, MrMeatballRedux, as in real life. =( Thanks for your rating and review.

I loved the mechanics and presentation though if I may make one complaint: the game itself lacks a little bit of substance. I finished the whole game perfectly and I barely did anything. Other than that, I hold your game in high regard.

kikill responds:

Thanks for your review @SirMoFoDans! If by wanting more from the game you mean obstacles that prevent you from clearing a level, we didn't go that route because we thought that this simulation should end with a cleared level whether that's saving everybody or the exact opposite. For challenge though, we put in par scores for you to beat through strategic use of the actions at your disposal (and a little bit of luck). Best regards.

Pretty neat management game! A bit frustrating at times since you don't really feel in control (people refusing to isolate on your command, etc) but I guess that was the whole point since it's realistic (but if it was, perhaps the game could've been shortened to get to that point quicker so as not to frustrate the user when you want them to go for a high score which they have no control over besides luck at times). It really dumps you with a lot of info at the start and it was difficult to digest all at once: the game does try to help by having a info read-out and a reference menu you can go to, but I really wanted there to be more reference material on the game screen, either by making the info read-out bigger and more easily readable, or by providing a legend/key for peoples status since I was having difficulty remembering them on the fly. I also feel like if you need to constantly explain that a lower score is better, it might just be easier to change the score formula calculation so that a high score is better, so people can just use their natural instincts, haha. Anyway, while it was a bit confusing and frustrating, its still pretty fun and delivers a nice message effectively through its gameplay (and frustration) so kudos!

Quite fun, honestly, and even somewhat informative. Appears to be a more accurate simulation than a lot of what I've seen this year, given the hindsight available in December 2020 and having seen this stuff in action for over a year...it's already been over a year.

It's a fun distraction from the hell that we seem to live in these days despite the content/subject matter being a literal simulation of it. When replaying the main levels it's nice to see it when I manage to keep everyone away from "severe/critical" state - it's nice to not *need* the hospital beds in one playthrough of a level even if I only narrowly manage to do it.

I really enjoy the sandbox mode - It's interesting to mess around with the compliance values based on what I've observed where I live (ie, low mask compliance, low distancing compliance, low quarantine compliance) and how the difficulty spirals out of control, even if it leaves horrifying implications about the potential inevitability of being infected in real life.

Ultimately, this is an amazing game that is very well put together, and I like that there was real research about the source material done to improve its accuracy.