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Reviews for "Stick RPG"


i had lots of fun.exept wene it froze in battle when he hadn o life left
so do u have a futer of a sequel to this game?

Good Job!

I am totally addicted to this game. VERY nice work.


i'm playing while doing this rewiev... :D charm 312, intelligence 270 and strenght 440... bad?? well try this... a bar fight: you have about 400hp and your enemy has over 750... kill him with 4 moves and get his hp over -150 with those 4 moves... :D love the game... really looking forward for the second part :P

i love it

it's the best rpg game here on newgrounds

ps: can anywhone tell me how to make a game my e-mail adress is wazuuu_007@msn.co pls mail me

I liked it

Come on and make the second 1 before i die or at least say if ur going to scrap the project. Come on =)