Reviews for "Stick RPG"

loved it...make a sequel

if you make a sequel put some sex it and be able to shoot random people on the street.....yea......sex.....guns.....gta.....

Really cool game

Really fun & cool game but to mista "muckluck", you can make him wake up earlier just go to the yellow shop thingy and buy caffeine pills. You can then not waste anytime when sleeping, when you wake up the clock will be blank (or it will be the same amount as having a alarm clock if you already dont have one. And to get the skate board buy cigerettes and talk to the guy to the right of your house. Then click give smokes and you get a skateboard. After hold down shift to ride your skateboard and go faster


this is the coolest game ive ever played and i have even played lineage 2

I love this game

I got a rating of genius when I finaly died. It gets boring after a while though. Dude, you should definately make a sequel. Make it so you can go to different cities and shit. That woud be so cool.

i had a 100 of everything

it roked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but next time make it so you can drive. poor guy, has 2 walk to work