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Reviews for "Stick RPG"


This has to be the best Adventure game on newgrounds execpt for pimps quest and maybe that game where u have to beat that guy with a really big spaceship, Awsome work I wanna see more but not the same game with stick figures.

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hey to the last post if u go to options and change optimize to off it doesnt get blurry and plus..... the complete version of this game is at xgenstudios search it since i cant put url's




ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED!But I do think it probably could use some work but I guess thats what Stick RPG complete was for(^_^)


top RPG on newgrounds...you can't help but enjoy enhancing your character's stats day after day. the new complete version improves on the original (not that the original needed much improvement to begin with) it's very exspansive for a flash! i'm sure everyone is excited about stick rpg 2.