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Reviews for "Stick RPG"

Stick Figures Rule!

Hey, this is a nice game. I don't know what those idiotic retards who give this game a 0 are smoking, but this is a worthwhile game. Can't wait to play the full version! A couple of suggestions to the creator of the game:

1. Put in some better music. It DOES get repetitive quickly.

2. Put that cocaine to good use!

3. Some more character interaction would be a plus.

4. Getting rid of all the bugs and having the quality stay the same while walking would make this game SO much better!

that was awesome!

I played the short version, and thought it was amazing so Im gonna go play the full version now, laterz.

Great job man!

This game is really cool! Im not sure if you have ever heard of a game creating program called the games factory, if you havent im sure you would like it. Great job anyhow.

LOL HIS A STICK (random)

Great Game! lol, I forgot i had money in the bank, and after 2 hours of playing, i had gotten triple the ammount.. oh and X-Gen Stuidos, Your Games are awesome.

Things you could improve on-\
Making the Day Longer.
Making The Intelligence Needed for Job Lower

stick rpg

every thing i got is 1000