Reviews for "Stick RPG"


In the game I mean. I love this game, except for the fact that it freezes in battle (and isn't fully yet complete). I webnt to beat this game for the second time (and get high score) and I had 250 int. and 250 charm and i was workin my way up to 250 str. but when i went to fight a guy(since it gives +3 str instead +1) It froze once i kicked his ass! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix that, PLZ! Btw, 150000 or whatever the high score is nothin, I can beat that myself as soon as u fix that.

This game is the best!!!!

I did really good on this game i got to be a ceo so i made like almost 2000 a day. i killed like 10 people in bar fights. i robbed the store 3 times this game is the best.

It is fun

I have fun.

This game rules

This game is kick ass i would like to see it have longer days, more stuff to buy, more jobs, more minors to corrupt!!! :)

I like it

I likte this game but make please a full version oke