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Reviews for "Stick RPG"


this grame is great... i wonder when are you goinf to finish it??

Fucking awesome game.

Okay, I've played this game again and now it's just growing on me. I played for 2 hours and ended up with these stats...

Charm - 513.
Strength - 249.
Intelligence - 300.
Net worth - $15,649.

...Then I figured out that there was really nothing more to do, so I went and had a few a bar fights just to see how badly I could waste guys until it froze on me. I love the little details... like how you progressively find more money in the guys' wallets as you fight better guys in the bar. And how you need a certain level of Charm to rob the bank and the convenience store... I thought you would need Strength but Charm actually makes a lot of sense. I like how you can either study or pay to go to class. I like how there's also 2 ways to increase your Strength and your Charm. And how smoking takes down your HP. Drinking should too. I never really ventured into the casino, so I can't comment on that. Another thing I don't like is that you can't walk around inside your house, but I'm sure when you finish the furniture store, I'll be able to furnish my house and then walk around in it and explore that too. Um, what else here... like the interest rates at the bank... very realistic. I don't like how, even when all your stats are above 200 and you're working as a CEO, the amount you get when you rob the bank or the store stays relatively the same. The rewards should go up as you get better in the game. Um, really nothing else to say... awesome game... and yes, I have a lot to say, 'cause I played the damn thing for 2 hours. :P I'll probably never play it again though until it's revised, 'cause there's nothing really to be accomplished. It was awesome while I played it though. Best fuckin' game on NG.

Awesome Game!!

I have no idea why, but it is! I am so addicted to it! What pissed me off though, was that I got to like 70,000 bucks and the damn thing froze on me! It also took me forever to figure out what the hell the "charm" is for (robbing things!!). Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the new things being added, and for heaven's sake fix the bar fight bug! By the way, when it froze, the button saying "it froze" disappeared. Heh. Anyway, great game, although like I said I have no idea why it is so fun. Is there a way I can be updated by email when it's completed?



Nice game, dont usually get much stick games here.

Kick ass!!!

All good except for the glitches. Stupid Bar fight freeze... oh well, good game any way!