Reviews for "Stick RPG"

Good Job !

very nice game really love it,
except the character walks really slow i think.
and maybe change the music when you enter a building ?


i want more options! but other then that that rocked!


Yeah, I really liked this game. It was nice 'n addictive. Good job. The only thing I didn't like were the movement controls - I think I would have preferred the arrow keys. Other than that, excellent!

not bad but need more stuff to do more job options

but not a bad little game


^^, that game was so purtty, PURTTY STUPID DAHA, not.
I didnt like the comments where the other reviewers said it was unoriganal and like sim girl, though.
Make full ver plz kthnx!
Ps, I found you can't use guns in fights even with a lot of ammo, what's the point of it?